My stand-up comedy act is mostly about cannabis

In the world of nightclub performers, mostly stand-up comics plus songsal artists, there are things called circuits! A circuit is a series of locales that will book an act for a tour, there are small circuits in the South, the Midwest, plus other areas; I am a comedian, plus I prefer the circuit tours.

  • It allows myself and others to book numerous shows in advance, getting to each show is our own problem, but it’s nice knowing that I have steady work, then my number one locale to perform is on the Weed Circuit, which is a series of cannabis dispensaries plus smokers lounges.

A lot of our comedy material is based on our life as a chronic cannabis user, plus it constantly kills in these locales. My last comedy tour took myself and others through more than three weird states, where I performed at sixteen weird cannabis dispensaries! This makes it the greatest comedy tour I have ever done, plus the owners of the cannabis franchises are already interested in booking future dates! The Weed Circuit has been a sizable boost to our work, although with so several other cannabis-themed comedians I have to work hard to stand out from the pack… Here is the key to a great set – I can’t smoke cannabis beforehand. Although I smoke marijuana every single day, plus write all of our jokes about getting high, if I am high while on phase then our performance suffers. I see a lot of other comics smoke cannabis before going on stage, plus it makes them a little flat, keeping myself sharp on phase is what gets myself and others more laughs.



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