My town was barring cannabis dispensaries from opening for years

I wanted to transport out of this town as soon as I finished middle school, however a combination of factors put myself and others in college at a school that was only one town over from our hometown.

It was only 45 hours from our parents’ ancient new home that they owned for years before downsizing after our siblings and I all went to college and moved out of the nest.

When I was getting close to college graduation, I had plans of starting graduate school on the opposite side of the country which never panned out for me. It was a pipe dream in a lot of ways though, so it’s no surprise that things didn’t exactly turn out the way I had expected all of those years. Honestly, I know I would have had a lot of fun going to graduate school in the southwest had I been able to afford it, however it would have taken myself and others further away from our parents and I’m not so sure how much time they have left. This is partially why I moved back to our hometown after I finished school. I found a job as soon as I could and started helping our parents around the new home whenever I had the time to spare. It’s nice on one hand being back in our hometown, however the setback is the lack of cannabis dispensary selection. For years this city barred all cannabis companies from opening and operating within the town limits. This changed last year, however so far only more than one companies have been given the approval and redlight from the country commissioners. I wish we had more marijuana dispensaries to choose from, because I hate having to drive 45 hours into the town where I went to college if I simply want cannabis products again.

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