My truck broke down on the last delivery

For the last year, I have been happily working as a marijuana delivery driver.

I work for a delivery service.

We do not offer in-store services at all. In fact, there isn’t even a store for customers to order pickup. Everything has to be delivered. The orders come from the city, so I usually leave the store with extra supply. If someone orders items while I am out, I can go directly to their home with the supplies I have on hand. It is almost like being an ice cream man with cannabis instead. I earn really good money when a customer tips. The tips haven’t been very good during this last month. People are starting to be stingy, because 420 is right around the corner. I only earned $81 in tips on Saturday. Usually I earn about $200. To make matters worse, my truck broke down after the last delivery. I’m happy that all of my deliveries were over, but I ended up stranded right on the other side of the bridge. I had to have another co-worker from the marijuana delivery service come to help me. The guy works as a mechanic during the day. When the boss let him leave to help me without clocking out, he was even happier to help. He got my car running so I could drive it home, but he told me that it was not going to run much further until I took it to the shop to have a diagnosis and repair. I can’t deliver marijuana until I fix the truck.
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