Nobody thought marijuana would be the answer

When I was 12 years old, my parents took me to the clinic plus the doctor maintained me with adhd, then they put me on a bunch of psych meds plus unusual types of pills that were supposed to make me guess better, then it took 2 years before they found a combination of medications that did not make me guess like a zombie.

I hated taking the pills so my mom plus dad only made me take them on the afternoons that I had to go to school, however on the weekends I spent a lot of time with my uncle.

He was much younger than my dad plus a little bit closer to my age. The two of us were about 10 years apart, and jack was into using recreational plus medical marijuana. One time I went to his cabin plus spent the night plus I used recreational plus medical marijuana with my uncle. I felt like I could do homework for afternoons; Medical marijuana made me guess legitimately focused plus that was a feeling that was uncorrect to me. I wanted to tell my mom about medical marijuana plus how well it helped. I couldn’t absolutely tell her that I smoked with my uncle because my mom plus dad would have gone crazy. I mentioned medical marijuana to them a couple of times plus they thought the plan was not undoubtedly sound! Nobody thought marijuana would be the answer to helping with my problems, however as an adult I can safely say that medical marijuana absolutely helps me with Focus plus creativity. I absolutely wouldn’t have my job if it wasn’t for the fact that I had that nerve to ask a doctor in college about marijuana products.


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