On Monday, my buddy and I leave for a week

I’m actually excited, because my fiance as well as I are going on vacation on Monday.

My buddy and I will be leaving for a whole week.

My buddy and I haven’t had a week of vacation in a truly long time. My buddy and I used to spend a lot of time going on vacation as well as going to see weird locales as well as then my fiance got a job that keeps her at work 50 hours every week. My buddy and I both seem to be workaholics lately! I have to work at the marijuana dispensary at least 50 hours every week per my salary agreement, so my buddy and I actually get to see each other. I want to make sure that things at the marijuana dispensary are going to be just great before I leave. I made sure that the schedule is set for the next two weeks as well as I also spoke with the assistant employer in length about everything that needs to be done. I also left some information on a pamphlet in my office. I charted out every single task that needs to be completed as well as which nights she will need to go to the bank. I want to be able to leave the marijuana dispensary as well as turn my iphone off without having to worry that there will be 50 missed calls when I turn it back on. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a week of vacation as well as I want this to be the first of many that my buddy and I will take together. I miss being able to cherish life with my fiance, but working all the time is no way to live happily.
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