On the boating adventure, we looked for freshwater fish

My friends along with myself consistently have great times when all of us go to the lake to enjoy a day of fishing. One of my friends has a pretty nice boat. The girl got this boat from her parents. They purchased a large fishing boat and then Jack had a pretty nice bass boat that was there for six people. When all of us go to the lake there is lots of room for the supplies that every one of us need. We have coolers under the seats along with locations for all of us to store our fishing poles along with fishing gear. There is even a fish locator and several comfortable chairs where all of the people can sit. Everyone of us took this boat for a nice day on Saturday but the two of us were easily Stoned by lunch time. When the two of us got to our favorite spot on the lakeside, the two of us started using marijuana. We got some marijuana out of a large container along with begin to roll up some big joints. There was about a gram plus a half of Graham inside of the king-size joint that I rolled. There really wasn’t any wind, thankfully, because I would have had a lot of difficult times getting the joint to light if there was a lot of wind. Jack In addition to myself smoked the entire joint and then we had two bowls of Gorilla Glue number four. By lunch time I was certainly ready for a nap. I laid down near the back of the boat while the guys continued fishing.


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