Painting pictures plus smoking cannabis

Art is my life.

My work has been to create pictures to use in advertisements plus commercials.

It is not rewarding, but it pays well plus allows me to be creative for a living. My job allows me to pursue my passions for real art in my spare time. I appreciate to paint plus sculpt, plus basically do anything that allows me to be creative, however a few weeks ago I went to a site called Drunken Art, where they serve wine plus let you paint under the tutelage of a local artist. I have constantly preferred smoking cannabis to drinking booze, which is what provided me a brilliant idea. I talked to the manager of the local cannabis dispensary plus pitched him the idea of having a quarterly Art Night. Here people could smoke cannabis instead of drinking wine, plus I could help them paint… Yes I know I just stole someone else’s idea, but since cannabis is better than alcohol I feel it’s a vast improvement. There is a sizable room in the back of the cannabis dispensary which is supposed to be a smokers lounge, but they haven’t decorated it yet. It was the perfect site to set up some easels so people could smoke cannabis or vape while they worked on a painting; Every person worked from the same artistic model, plus painted the same thing, although what kind of cannabis you smoked was entirely up to you! It was slow going at first, when only 6 people showed up! But after a few weeks it is booked solid, plus the cannabis dispensary manager wants to do it 2 days a week.
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