People have different opinions on recreational cannabis stores

Recreational cannabis stores are only legal in some states.

  • Even though some states allow stores to sell weed legally, some people still have major issues with this.

People that oppose recreational marijuana stores firmly believe that marijuana usage should be completely illegal. Some people even feel that marijuana should be illegal for medical purposes. I recently read a post on an anonymous website from a woman who felt that recreational marijuana stores contribute to the opioid epidemic. She wrote that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to harder drug use such as opioids. Many people commented and disagreed with her. The comments in opposition stated that if anything, recreational weed stores help prevent opioid usage. One anonymous person stated that when people illegally buy weed from drug dealers on the street, it is often laced with harder drugs like fentanyl that can be deadly or cause overdose. If people have the ability to purchase weed legally and safely from a recreational marijuana store, it will be safe and there is no chance of it being laced with harder drugs. Another person commented that going to a marijuana store takes the thrill out of people buying weed illegally, so there will be less chance of them wanting to buy other drugs illegally. There are many different opinions on recreational weed stores. Some people who use cannabis are in favor of recreational weed stores so they do not have to use drug dealers to purchase marijuana. Some people are against recreational weed stores because they feel that they increase the likelihood of people doing harder drugs.


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