Pre-rolls are better for me

I went the extra mile to get medical marijuana.

My doctor prescribed flower for me.

I was able to decide how to smoke the flower. There are a lot of options when it comes to flower form. I can smoke through a bowl, pipe, joint, hookah, just to name a few. I decided I liked the typical joint form. Early on I figured I could roll my own joint. It was cheaper and the process seemed fun. I invested in all the equipment like rolling papers, a grinder, ashtray and lighter. I quickly learned that I am no good at rolling joints. I tend to overstuff the paper and lose half my product. I also couldn’t seem to roll a tight enough joint. It was gross, wasteful and not all that satisfying. I wasn’t pleased with the amount of time I wasted doing the rolling process either. When I wanted relief, I wanted it immediately, not 30 minutes from now. I talked to the budtender at the cannabis dispensary near me. He immediately suggested that I go the extra mile, spend a bit more and get pre-rolls. I get one strain buying a pack of them and they are more money per ounce, but it is worth it. I now can just light and go. The joints are perfectly rolled and the right amount of flower. I don’t lose anything that I am buying either. It is the best way for me to smoke a flower. The extra cost isn’t that bad when you consider that I am no longer losing the product that I purchase.



Medical Marijuana Certifications