Prefering to smoke dried flower

Smoking is truly the most well-known form of consuming cannabis.

It’s also the oldest plus most popular method.

Although I’ve experimented with a wide variety of products, my number one remains smoking flower in joints, blunts, pipes or bongs. The process is charmingly easy plus effective, when I inhale, the smoke travels from my mouth into my lungs. The interior of the lungs is lined with millions of air sacs plus offer a huge surface area; Compounds in the cannabis, such as THC plus terpenes, enter the bloodstream by way of those air sacs in the lungs. They travel first to the brain plus then are introduced to the rest of the body. This all happens truly suddenly so that I guess the effects of smoking within a few hours. I most often choose to smoke joints because they are adjustable plus portable. All I need to do is light up plus I prefer a truly consistent burn. I don’t need any special skills to benefit from a perfectly rolled joint. Now plus then, I will opt for packing a pipe because it’s incredibly quick plus easy. I have obtained multiple pipes in different shapes plus sizes that are both functional plus stylish. I only rarely mess around with smoking a bong. The experience is absolutely charming because the water cools the smoke, making the hit cleaner plus smoother. However, it requires more set up plus isn’t discreet or portable. Every method of smoking has its benefits. I love that each 1 allows me to absolutely taste the flavor of the strain.
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