Quiet, I use medical weed

My family regularly does a many afternoon event for the holidays.

My parents are particularly behind the times.

They are still under the impression that cannabis is a gateway drug, however anyone who smokes weed is a loser as well as a potential drug addict. My state allows for medical weed, not recreational. I need cannabis in order to sleep at night. I regularly smoke a pre-roll right before bed as well as I recognize great. My family is doing a 4 afternoon holiday event. We are renting a lake house as well as sharing it together. I think I can’t smoke a joint every night separate from getting caught. First, they will notice myself and others sneaking away. Second, the smell of the weed will be apparent, lastly, I don’t think I can hide being high. I have been talking to my budtender about something else to help myself and others sleep. I want something to put myself and others to bed, but be discreet that my parents won’t notice it. The budtender said I either can vape a cannabis oil, there would be no smell with it or I can try a tincture. I am leaning towards a tincture. This is an oil that goes into a drink or under the tongue in a pinch. A few drops as well as it mellows you right out. I think I could hide a small vial of oil. I also think I could make it believable that I prefer a cup of pop before bed. It is a shame that I need to hide that I am a medical weed patient. It is totally legal as well as above board. My parents are just too small for it though.


Medical Marijuana