Quitting cannabis while pregnant

Getting pregnant was the last thing I ever planned on, however but when it happened, I knew what I needed to do.

Not for political or religious reasons, because I believe our body makes it our choice.

But I knew right away I wanted to have this baby, and give her a nice life. That unquestionably day I dumped out all our liquor, and threw away our cigarettes and our weed. Although I was hardly a “gathering animal” I had a lot of awful habits that needed to be curtailed. Surprisingly enough, the loss of cannabis hit me the hardest. I started a countdown calendar to mark the mornings until I could start using cannabis again! I believe there are many smokeless forms of cannabis, but this was about a lot more than thirdhand smoke. Everything a lady eats or drinks while pregnant can and will impact the health of the fetus, so even using cannabis edibles could have ramifications. After the baby is born, and our body is mine again, then I will start using smokeless forms of cannabis. At that point thirdhand cannabis smoke would be the main problem for the baby, so as long as I don’t generate smoke I can resume getting high. There is always a chance that when I finally hold our new baby in our arms I will get naturally “high” off the endorphins, and not even want to use cannabis again. I don’t see that happening to me, just because I enjoy cannabis so much, however I suppose that stranger things have happened!


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