Relieving migraine pain with strong CBD products

I miss the days where I was successful in school regardless of how I felt on a daily basis.

  • During high school, I showed up to class, did the bare minimum with my homework and assignments, and still managed to graduate with a high GPA.

This all changed when I finally entered university at the age of 18. I found that my classes were unbelievably harder than high school and I had to focus and take notes at every single lecture if I wanted to pass my exams, let alone the courses themselves. Around this time I started to get mild headaches that would coincide with increased stress levels. Until college, I never had headaches or migraines and never realized how severe they can get and how the pain creates obstacles in life between you and your various goals. Head pain, whether it’s a migraine or a severe toothache is hard to deal with when it nags at you for hours at a time. While ibuprofen and acetaminophen definitely help with my migraine pain, the best supplement that I’ve found for headaches is CBD. When I consume CBD and hemp products, they immediately melt away my physical pain from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes. It requires large doses of CBD to get the sort of effects that I’m looking for, especially if I’m experiencing a severe migraine. I wouldn’t be able to function at my job everyday without my CBD tinctures and vaporizer cartridges. Nowadays you can find all sorts of CBD products in stores as diverse as national grocery and pharmacy chains.



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