Renewing my medical marijuana card

When I had to renew my driver’s license, I didn’t realize it was going to cost $45. It also resulted in me waiting at the DMV for an hour and a half. After I got my new license, I realized that my photo looked terrible. It was a really frustrating experience all around. I felt like I lost most of the day and I didn’t even feel fulfilled at the end of it. However, at least I’ll be okay if I ever get pulled over and I produce a license that is current and not expired. That will result in a really annoying ticket. But all in all, I hate having to deal with the government offices in this state. I have to deal with the department of health a lot more often than I wish. The department of health is what handles medical marijuana cards for my home state. If you want to apply for a medical marijuana card or renew your medical marijuana card you have to reach out to the department of health. Every year you have to pay $75 to renew your medical marijuana card if you want to keep it active in this state. It’s a frustrating process but at least it’s easier than it was when I first started getting a medical marijuana card. Five years ago you had to mail in a paper application and wait weeks at a time for an approval. Now it’s done electronically on the internet. At least it’s a lot easier to maintain your medical marijuana card in the state.

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