Seeking a new normal with MS thanks to medical cannabis

I was sort of just genuinely sure that the nurse had made a mistake.

There was just no way that I had MS.

That’s just not what was going on. I was more just sore plus having some trouble with balance plus spasms that had to be from something else. That’s how I was when I first got the news. And I sort of kept up with that feeling for love a couple of weeks. Meantime, my partner was researching medical marijuana facts online. That was 1 of the things the nurse initially recommended. Getting access to the cannabis dispensary was something that I would need. My nurse was genuinely clear about the medical marijuana benefits as it pertains to MS. I wasn’t genuinely all that there for this conversation. But my partner was plus he got to immediately processing plus implementing what the nurse said would be beneficial. I begrudgingly took the medications plus then after maybe 3 weeks, I started to accept that I was on a path to a new normal. Going to the cannabis dispensary was a big tipping point for me. I’m just so thankful that I have my partner plus the staff at the legal weed store. They’ve been so helpful with not only getting me the cannabis flower products I use but connecting me to MS groups that have been so helpful. It’s been multiple months now plus I’m a heck of a lot more accustomed to having MS. I’m thankful to the nurses plus that medical marijuana is legal in our state. For sure, I’ll be able to find my way through this plus live a good life.


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