Smoking cannabis is a normal part of my life

I remember as a kid how normal it seemed to smoke cigarettes.

I was too young to smoke them myself, but every adult in my life was a pack-a-day smoker.

Back then it was normal. I guess the scientific proof of the dangers of smoking tobacco were not widely known, because none of the adults ever hesitated to smoke around children. My mom would smoke two cigarettes in the car every morning when she drove me to school. Dad smoked at the dinner table, while we were eating. Cigarettes were just a normal part of life. I never picked up that habit, although I do smoke a whole lot of cannabis on a daily basis. My parents had tobacco as a vice, but marijuana is my vice of choice. Unlike my parents, I understand the dangers of secondhand smoke, which is why I never smoke cannabis in my house. I have two kids, both under the age of five, and secondhand cannabis smoke could do a whole lot of damage to their lungs. If my parents knew about this, I doubt they would have smoked around me so much. I have a nice little screened-in patio in my backyard, where I like to sit in the evenings and smoke cannabis after the kids go to bed. My wife will join me once in a while, but Helen only smokes marijuana a few times a year, for a special occasion. I like to spark up a nice, fat bowl of Blue Dream or Purple Haze brand cannabis each and every evening!

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