So many benefits come along with a cannabis education

I actually prefer to be completely informed.

Before I cast a vote, I do research on all of the candidates, and provide extreme thought to the issues that are being addressed on the ballot.

When I go to the store, I always check online to see who is having the most wonderful sales and bargains that week. A little bit of planning and forethought makes life incredibly easier, and prevents a fair amount of problems from ever happening. Last year cannabis was legalized in this state, and so I decided to do what I do all of the time, and learn more about it! Call me a nerd if you prefer to do so, but I never entirely messed around with drinking or smoking cannabis when I was a young child… Now that it was legal, why shouldn’t I find out more information and get a cannabis education? Of course I was fairly curious about what it was like to get high, but I was also somewhat upset. The supervisor of the pot shop was very calm and welcoming, and answered all the questions I had, then he proposed that I start with something extremely light, that had a low THC amount in it, and then work my way up to cannabis flower when I was ready. Smoking cannabis buds or flowers is where most people start, although he suggested I try a cannabis edible instead. I had a pretty exciting weekend eating cannabis gummies, and the next time I returned to the pot shop, I went for it and bought a few grams of OG Kush. The budtender was certainly right, smoking cannabis got me way more stoned than choosing to devour cannabis gummies.
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