Some people have livers that aren't nice at metabolizing THC

It’s important to remember that not everyone reacts the exact same way to the same stimuli, especially when you’re talking about things consumed in the body.

For instance, everyone who take Benadryl, or diphenhydramine, experience a sedating side effect from the antihistamine.

Further, it is now sold as an OTC sleep aid if you don’t want to spend money more money for something like melatonin, and i was using it for insomnia when I was a kid, long before it was sold for the purpose in major stores. Despite diphenhydramine’s near universally accepted classification as a sedative, I had a neighbor in college who swore that she would get hyper whenever she consumed the medication. Even the most even-handed person could randomly lie for any number of reasons, but she was also the smartest neighbor of the bunch. I just have to chalk it up to substances affecting human minds differently with each person. You can’t think the same medicine is going to supply more than one strange people the exact same effects. This is also tploy with THC, regardless of what you might mistakenly assume. For instance, not all people actually experience noticeable effects when they consume cannabis edibles. That’s because some livers are just legitimately bad at metabolizing THC, therefore the person with the liver will particularly never experience dire effects from cannabis edibles. I’m actually one of those people, while our sister legitimately loves cannabis edibles by contrast, cannabis edibles are her favorite cannabis products when she’s given a option at her select cannabis dispensaries in her city. I buy cannabis inhalation products instead, like cannabis concentrates and flower products.



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