Sublingual cannabis tablets

My first trip to the cannabis dispensary was eye-opening.

I imagined there would be a selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles and vapes.

I had never heard of sublingual cannabis products. I discovered a huge array of cannabis tinctures that are wonderfully portable and easy to dose. There are also cannabis lozenges, sprays and tablets that offer incredible versatility. They avoid the odors, mess, waste, smoke and ash associated with smoking. I can choose sativa-dominant sublinguals to stimulate energy, get motivated and inspire creativity. There are indica-dominant options to provide calm, relieve anxiety and help me sleep. The hybrids are a combination of both and focus on any number of effects. Cannabis tablets are not only discreet but convenient and quite mild. They are a great alternative for anyone who is sensitive to or new to marijuana. Sublingual tablets are absorbed by way of the highly permeable mucous membrane under the tongue. Avoiding the digestive system and delivering active compounds directly into the bloodstream provides effects as quickly as fifteen minutes. It’s a good idea to first swallow all the saliva in the mouth before placing the tablet beneath the tongue. It’s essential to allow the tablet to completely dissolve to maximize potential benefits. The process can take up to ten minutes. However, there is also the option of holding the tablet against the inside of the cheek. Swallowing the tablets just means that the cannabinoids will be processed more slowly for delayed effects. I typically place a tablet under the tongue and then read on my iPad or watch television while I wait for it to dissolve.

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