Taking the boat to buy cannabis

Where I live floods are pretty common. In the last decade there have been eight major floods, plus a handful of smaller ones. This is why I live in a stilt house, plus most of my neighbors do, as well. Since I live so close to the river it was the only sensible way to live. A stilt house is exactly what it sounds like – a house set up on 20 foot high wooden stilts the size of telephone poles. This way when a flood hits my house remains safe (even if my car is screwed). Six months ago a major hurricane swept through the area, plus I was trapped in my house by a flood for an entire week! I ran out of booze plus cannabis on Day 2 of the flood, plus by Day 3 I was going crazy. I swam over to the dock, where I untethered my skiff, plus used it to paddle upriver plus visit my cannabis dealer. There was no power or working wireless so I couldn’t call him, I just showed up in my boat plus knocked on his 2nd-floor window… Gene has been my cannabis corporation for years, but he was startled to see me at his window, however quickly invited me inside plus provided me a dry change of clothes plus a fat bowl of cannabis. My buddy and I sat for a few hours, talking about the floodwaters plus smoking more than 2 weird strains of cannabis. I could have stayed the night, however instead I purchased some cannabis from Gene plus then paddled back house to take care of my cats.

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