THC mouth spray

When I was promoted at work I noticed that I would need to lead a lot of presentations plus meetings.

I am not that wonderful at public speaking. I immediately start to sweat, get anxious and tend to mess up my words. I started getting actually upset about it. I tried practicing my speech however that didn’t help. I found that a lot of people take cannabis for anxiety. Since my state offers both recreational plus medical weed, I figured I would just go into the cannabis dispensary to see what they had. I didn’t want to smoke a joint or vape cannabis oil at work though. I actually didn’t want people to think I needed weed in order to get through a work day. I talked to the budtender at the cannabis dispensary for some assistance. I wanted to think if there was something discreet and without an odor. The budtender immediately told me that I needed to try an edible for my issues. She showed me a whole world of cannabis products. There are all sorts of weird edibles out there. You can make space cakes, pot brownies, cookies, gummies plus handy candies. There are mints, tablets plus candies too. I found that the mouth spray was what I liked the best. It looks like a normal breath freshening spray. I just do a few puffs in my mouth in the day plus right before any kind of meeting. Nobody knows that I am spraying THC directly into my mouth to calm me down.


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