The airline lost my luggage on the return trip

One of the biggest reasons why I hate going to the airport is because they lose stuff all of the time.

More luggage is lost in the airport than holiday gifts at the post office.

My mom took a flight across the country and she had to go without her luggage for 3 days. I took a flight to see my mom. My luggage was there when I arrived, but my luggage was missing when we came back. On the return trip, the airline lost my luggage. They politely asked me to wait outside so they could find where the luggage was located. I was very frustrated and upset. There was a very nice guy outside in the returning flights area. He was sitting near the corner of the airport area and he was smoking a cigarette. I had not smoked a cigarette in 10 years or more, but I went over to the guy and asked if I could bum one of those smokes. He asked me if I wanted something stronger and he showed me a marijuana joint. I wasn’t about to share a marijuana joint with some guy that I didn’t know, but I was sure tempted. I sat outside for nearly 30 minutes waiting for someone to tell me where my luggage was located. They couldn’t find my bag at the airport where I left or the place where we landed and I took a direct flight that day. I would have been much more calm and relaxed if I would have simply smoked the marijuana joint with the guy when he offered.

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