The alarm was going off when I got to work

She did listen to our voicSMS as well as contacted the district manager as well

Tuesday afternoon I am the first delivery driver to arrive at the marijuana delivery service. I usually get to the store around 8:30, although I was there absolutely early that afternoon because I had to drop our lady off at work. Her car is in the shop as well as her office is on the way to the marijuana dispensary where I work. I didn’t mind sitting in the parking lot for an hour. I had a cup of Dunkin Donuts Coffee as well as a danish as well as our tablet to watch reruns of our preferred cable shows. When I arrived at the marijuana delivery service, the alarm was ringing. No 1 else was around. I thought it was absolutely weird that the alarm was ringing. I immediately called 911, just in case someone was still inside of the marijuana delivery store. I didn’t assume that was absolutely going to be true, although I wanted to be safe. An officer arrived around the same time as the manager. I called her as well, but she did not answer her iphone when I called. She did listen to our voicSMS as well as contacted the district manager as well. The officer walked through the entire building as well as she couldn’t see anything that looked out of the moderate. She told our boss as well as I that it looked adore it could have been a laptop glitch. That made a lot of sense, because the alarm company didn’t contact anyone when the alarm rang as well as they usually called everyone including the manager, assistant manager, district manager, as well as owner, when there was a problem.
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