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My Mom plus StepDad decided to move the family across the country when I was in my senior year of high university. My stepdad got a promotion at work that he could not turn down. I was honestly frustrated plus woeful when I found out that they wanted to move far way. I wanted to finish out my senior year of school in the same university where I started classes. I did not want to leave my friends in the middle of the Spring semester. My mom plus stepdad felt quite bad about the circumstances so they provided to let me stay with my Grandparents so I could finish my last few weeks of university. My Grandpa happily let me move into their home. After high university was over, I had to make a very hard decision. I could continue living with my Grandparents or I could hop on an airplane plus move to the same state where both of my parents were living. It was a tricky decision to make. There are some things that made the decision a bit easier to make. One of the things is the legality of marijuana in the state where my parents moved. Recreational plus medical marijuana are both 100% legal. After I moved, I had access to legal marijuana any time that I wanted. Legal marijuana use was 1 of the largest reasons why I decided to move. I could have gone to university somewhere different, but being closer to my mom plus dad made me suppose safer; Having such access to recreational marijuana made me suppose happier. I weighed the decision heavily before I opted to move across the country with my mom plus dad.


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