The best reviewer in town

I love to leave online reviews around here.

I really take my time with them, perhaps this is because I used to be a high quality journalist as well as a columnist for the local newspaper.

That newspaper is out of business, however I remember those afternoons of being a professional writer. I approach my online reviews with as much forethought as well as care as if it were a real, paid gig. I used to only do this with venues to eat, however now I do with the companies I visit, mostly on Yelp, however over the last year I have enjoyed writing online reviews for cannabis dispensaries. In this town there are at least a dozen cannabis dispensaries. This is the greatest town in the state, legitimately it is the greatest town in the tri-state area, so there are a silly number of cannabis dispensaries. Now, since they are all competing for the same market share, they want as many positive reviews as possible, because that is where the bulk of their cannabis sales come from. I have l recently acquired that for every buyer that walks into a cannabis dispensary, there are online shoppers that want their products shipped. Even though cannabis is becoming totally legal in several area, most potheads still have a deep distrust of the cops as well as the entire government. People like to buy their cannabis either from a trusted friend, or anonymously on the internet. When I supply a positive review for a cannabis dispensary, it almost constantly leads to higher traffic, as well as increased cannabis sales. If you also want me to check out your cannabis dispensary, hit me up in my DMs.


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