The best strains come from the county with all the grapes

I have been residing on the west coast since the 1990s.

I moved here with our family.

My dad was in the military as well as he was stationed down south. I never wanted to leave the sunny West Coast as well as I stayed here even after I graduated from university. I got a task in Northern CA near all of the vineyards. After I found a task, I started using recreational marijuana frequently. I bought marijuana from lots of unusual locations around the state. I can say with certainty that the best marijuana strains come from the county where all of the grapes are grown. I am sure that marijuana grows well for the same exact reason that the grapes grow well, then humidity, temperatures, as well as atmospheric pressure make this the perfect location to grow outdoor crops that care about the sun. The grape harvest is plentiful here as well as so is the cannabis harvest. There are more than a thoUSAnd acres of cannabis farms in wine country. Many of these cannabis farms date back to the 1972s when marijuana was first introduced in the state… When I am in the mood for a unbelievable cannabis strain that is unusual from anything else, I visit 1 of the more than 2 marijuana dispensaries that are located in the area. I legitimately think a winery that grows their own marijuana might do well with the hipster crowds. It would attract attention from more than 2 unusual subgroups of consumers as well as tourists. Tours of the cannabis farm would likely sell out just care about the winery tours. I’ve pitched the method to a few unusual locations.

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