The budtender position was vacant for three weeks

My friends and I always go to the dispensary near me because it is a place that has all of the best products. They carry many different types of accessories too, so I only have to make one trip instead of two. I had to go to the dispensary and a smoke shop for things like bowls, papers, and butane for my torch. Now that the dispensary carries all of those items, I no longer have to make two trips. The only smoke shop was on the other side of the city, so it was not very accessible in the first place. My friends and I have been waiting a lot longer inside of the dispensary lately because there was a budtender that quit. The budtender is the person that stands behind the counter and helps all of the employees pick out what they need from the stock behind the counter. The budtender position was vacant for 3 weeks, but I was happy to see a new face last weekend when I went to pick up some cannabis concentrate products. I even recognize the person. My best friend and his girlfriend broke up a long time ago, but I recognized her face immediately. We talked about my friend and I told her that he was doing really well. After we left the dispensary, I immediately called my best friend to tell him that I ran into the girl at the dispensary. I wanted him to hear from me instead of running into her and being caught off guard.

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