The camping trip was more fun that I expected

My bestie easily prefers to go camping, however it is not exactly my favorite thing to do on the weekend, but i tried to talk him into going with his friends, although he wants myself and others to join him every once in a while, but last Springtime the weather was going to be easily nice, so I said that I would go with my bestie, then he even offered to rent a chalet.

I was ecstatic that I did not have to sleep on the floor in a tent, sleeping in a chalet is easily a lot better than having to sleep all night in a tent, and every one of us had running water, heat, electricity, and many walls to keep out all of the bugs and mosquitoes, however my bestie had a couple of friends with him that weekend… They were camping in sites that were close to the section where every one of us were sleeping, but at night, everyone got together by the campfire to talk, drink, and smoke recreational marijuana. My bestie brought a whole ounce of marijuana with him to the campsite. He rolled up a bunch of joints while in the day so every one of us could share with his friends later that night. All of his friends also bought marijuana, vape pens, edibles, and a bunch of other marijuana goodies. I do not usually smoke recreational marijuana, but I decided to have some of the joint that my bestie rolled up while in the day. I laughed a lot and I remember feeling genuinely carefree and much less uneasy than I would normally be. I had a lot more fun that weekend than I expected and it made myself and others want to go camping again.