The cannabis dispensary is the best job I’ve ever had

God gives everyone certain gifts, and my gift was strength.

  • I know that I’m not very smart, but with my size and strength I have always been able to find steady employment.

Usually I work as a bouncer, either for a nightclub, a bar, or a pool hall. My size is a strong deterrent for bad behavior, because even the most drunk and stupid people know that they don’t want to fight me. I actually don’t need to fight very often because of my size and strength, which is perfect because I don’t like to fight. Recently I got to step away from the nightclub scene and start a new job at the local cannabis dispensary. Just like me, none of the customers at the cannabis dispensary ever want to fight… especially after they see how big I am. The difference between drunks and cannabis smokers is astronomical, and makes my job a lot easier. Sometimes I will get a potential client who gives me a problem, usually because they don’t have a valid ID to get inside the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis laws in this state are very lax, but you need to have a valid state-issued ID in order to enter the dispensary. Even then, the rebuked client will never resort to violence. I will kindly tell them to have a friend come and buy the cannabis for them. If they get belligerent I would of course lead them into the cannabis dispensary parking lot and beat the crap out of them, but so far it has never come to that.

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