The cannabis on my work trip was wonderful

I did not want to take the work trip from the very beginning! I entirely didn’t.

I don’t like airplanes, I don’t appreciate renting a car, booking a room, or any of the other crap that comes with traveling for work.

My boss essentially gave me no choice in the matter, and insisted that I attend the trade show, which was across the country. The flight there was delayed, and took me 8 hours instead of 3, so it started off relatively poorly. Once I arrived at my endpoint, I was cheerful to see that recreational cannabis was legal in this city. My luck certainly seemed to be changing for the better! Before I checked into my hotel, I went to a pot shop and spent $300 on a good amount of products. If I was going to spend all afternoon listening to convention speakers going on about sales techniques, I wanted to have an ample amount of cannabis in my system to make it more enjoyable overall! During breaks in between lectures I would bounce back up to my room for more cannabis. On afternoon two I discovered the ultimate joys of cannabis gummies, and ate a good amount of them during a three-hour long presentation. I had a fairly relaxing time, and made sure to buy a few extra packages of cannabis gummies to take back to my place with me. On the other hand, I am kind of cheerful that I don’t have legal cannabis in my hometown. I have a severe lack of self-control, so if I had access to cannabis 24/7 I would entirely stay completely high on a regular basis.

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