The company manages and hires all of our dispensary employees

It’s really hard to find good employees.

I remember a time when I used to sift through hundreds and hundreds of employee applications that were written on paper.

It was exhausting to read all of those different types of handwriting. I was happy when we got computers and applications became something you could access online. Now I work for a cannabis company that outsources all of the hiring of the dispensary employees. The human resource department handles all of the workforce management services. They recruit and look for employees that are going to last a long time and meet all of the qualifications that the dispensary needs. I was talking to a friend of mine about the workforce management services and she mentioned that she might be interested in using the company for her business as well. I did not know if the human resource department handled workforce management services for cannabis dispensaries only or if they had other businesses as well. I gave the woman the information for the company that handles all of our hiring and human resource issues. She gave me a kickback when they hired her to work on a 6-month contract. She gave me a week to stay at her Ski Lodge up north. The Ski Lodge is right outside of one of the biggest and most famous ski areas in the whole country. I haven’t been skiing there in a really long time, because it costs almost $200 just to access the slopes. Only wealthy people and tourists spent that kind of money for skiing.


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