The complications with my RLS were significant

Restless legs syndrome is a complication that I have been dealing with for many years; Restless legs is a condition that causes the legs to transport on their own in the night time minutes.

Moving around plus getting up can temporarily help with the pains, but 1 thing that I found that entirely helps is medical marijuana.

I used medical marijuana for multiple years plus I found it to be honestly helpful for restless legs. I was sleeping at night plus I hardly ever had to wake up in the middle of the night to walk around. Then I moved in with my boyfriend who lives in a state where medical marijuana is not legal plus I could no longer access marijuana easily, then every once in a while I found a man who could hook me up with an ounce, plus I made the marijuana last as long as I could. After 6 weeks of living there, the complications with my RLS were too significant to ignore. I had to transport back new home so I could access medical marijuana. My boyfriend plus I broke up, because he wasn’t going to transport away from his son plus his son! He had been married once before. I understood why he did not want to leave his family, but I could not stay there either. When I thought about moving back home, I realized that I could transport somewhere that I wanted. I looked at the prices for some condos in states where recreational marijuana is legal. I found multiple affordable condos so I decided to transport to the west coast after our split up.


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