The condo complex forbids marijuana use inside

I thought I would love living in an condo as opposed to a dorm room. Even though the dorm room cost a lot more money a week, I had more freedom living on campus at my own university. It’s a lot harder sometimes dealing with the rules enacted by condo complexes. There are strict hours for noise which properly ends at 9:00 p.m. on the weekdays. I’ve had noise complaints called on me for having my cable on slightly too loud while watching a film on a Friday evening. It sucks when I want to bring condo a day to have a nice time at condo plus have to worry about tiptoeing around the hallways outside lest 1 of the older residents decides to make a complaint. One of the more frustrating rules at my condo complex regards marijuana use. I understand why they don’t want people smoking cigarettes on their balconies because the odors from tobacco are genuinely strong. I’ve had other kids at university smoking 50 yards from my dorm room plus still odor it when I open my door, however but what I don’t understand is how this condo complex thinks it can stop medical marijuana users from using their medicine in their rooms. I just use a vaporizer because I suppose it’s hard to odor it compared to smoking cannabis. If they cannot catch me doing it, I am not going to worry about it. I suppose the police don’t care because I’ve talked to cops in this town plus they only do something if the guy is using cannabis illegally.

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