The dang pen leaked all over the place

I have used marijuana products for many of the last 6 months. I began with Edibles along with rapidly moving to smokable marijuana flower products. Dried marijuana flower buds are smoked in pipes, bowls, or papers. There are additionally marijuana products that are called marijuana concentrates. These concentrates would include shatter, batter, butter, diamonds, along with live resin. Marijuana concentrates are made from the entire Cannabis sativa plant while it is still being harvested. These concentrates can be Vaped inside of a bong or put inside of a dab pen. A dab pen is one special component made for smoking the smallest amount of marijuana concentrate. Inside of the small chamber there is a product inside of the pen and the heat turns these concentrated products into many different Vapors that can easily be inhaled. There are lots of marijuana vape pens that have concentrates and they are easy to use inside of a cartridge. The cartridge attaches to the pen. I properly buy many cartridges because they are easy along with safe but on luckily these cartridges can begin to leak if they become too hot. This problem happened to me when a Vape Pen cartridge leaked on the front seat of my own car. It was totally a complete mess. The new pen was almost full and by afternoon the contents were empty. All of the stuff inside was a sticky mess. The leather on my front seat would have a staying forever. The mess would not even be cleaned up with industrial strength cleaner. The marijuana oil is very hard to get out of upholstery.
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