The deal that I can’t turn away from

I suppose every one of us hates paying taxes even if every one of us understands their utmost merit as well as value to us all.

I assume that my taxes pay for the roads that I travel every single afternoon to get to my usual work, as well as the bridge I cross to reach my parents’ current home across the blustery bay.

Without these taxes, our country would cease to operate overnight. But the actual truth is that I struggle to survive while seeing a lot of my cash disappear so easily before it even reaches me every week. It understandably stings whenever you’re limiting your food choices weekly in the process. I started eating hot dogs weekly for at least one meal because you can find 8 packs for a dollar these days. The foods that I eat are full of nitrates as well as I have learned about nitrates being carcinogenic at high quantities, so it’s easily best that consumption of nitrates be limited… or just avoided altogether. However, state as well as federal taxes are not the only ones on deck that have me worried lately. I fear that I will soon be forced to pay cannabis taxes while officially still being a medical cannabis patient in my state. When our state legalized recreational cannabis recently, it enacted a tax on all recreational cannabis sales, however now the state is actively discussing a total alteration to our medical cannabis program. Soon every one of us could only have recreational cannabis sales where almost everyone is paying the super high recreational cannabis taxes. This hurts a lot of medical cannabis users who were purposely retaining their cards to avoid the cannabis taxes as they’re shopping at the local marijuana stores.


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