The delivery driver forgot to grab the additional items that I ordered

Last night I went online and I ordered a bunch of different cannabis items from a delivery service near me. I regularly use the delivery service and they have all of my information stored in the computer. It’s very easy for me to use the website. I simply add all of the items that I want to the cart and hit the checkout button. I only have to verify two places where there is information in order to place the order. I ordered a couple of different types of wax and shatter and I also ordered some dried cannabis flowers. When I woke up in the morning, I realized that I forgot to order some vape pen cartridges. I didn’t have any vape pen cartridges at all, so I called the delivery service and I asked the budtender if it was too late to add items to my order. She told me that I could still add a couple of items as long as they were in stock at the main hub. I added three different one gram vape pen cartridges. I got an indica, A sativa, and A hybrid. The indica was one of my favorite strains called papaya. It always tastes sweet and fruity. The sativa was called Blue dream. It doesn’t really taste like blue dreams, but it makes me feel great. The hybrid strain was Girl Scout cookies. It was my favorite out of all three of the vape pen cartridges that I purchased that day. The delivery driver forgot all three of the add-on 1 gram vape cartridges and he had to make two separate deliveries to my house that day.



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