The extra shifts will help us save more money for the apartment

My mom plus Mom do not mind that my boyfriend plus I live in the basement of their home.

  • I have a task plus so does my boyfriend, but it is entirely strenuous to save money for an apartment.

The people I was with and I have to come up with the first plus Last month of rent plus a security deposit as well. Most of the 1 study room apartments in the neighborhood are about $2300 or more. That means I have to save almost $7,000 to transport into an apartment. The people I was with and I help my parents as much as we can so we do not know care about we are freeloading. The people I was with and I supply my mom plus Mom $200 every month for groceries plus we spend money for the electric plus the water bill. The people I was with and I have a separate entrance to the basement so we have complete plus total privacy. There is a powder room plus a shower plus we also have a small living roomette. We’ve only managed to save about $1,000 in the last 3 weeks, but I picked up some extra shifts at the marijuana dispensary near me. I have been working at the marijuana dispensary near me for a while plus recently that employer said that we could pick up overtime shifts because we are short staffed. I was the first man at the marijuana dispensary to raise my hand plus ask for more minutes. I guess this will help my boyfriend plus I save more money to get out of my parents basement faster. I can put the money in the bank plus watch it gain interest. Every small dime plus nickel helps.
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