The extra shifts will help us save more money for the apartment

My mom and dad don’t mind that my girlfriend and I live in the basement of their home.

I have a job and so does my girlfriend, but it is really difficult to save money for an apartment.

We have to come up with the first and last month of rent and a security deposit as well. Most of the one bedroom apartments in the city are about $2300 or more. That means I have to save almost $7,000 to move into an apartment. We help my parents as much as we can so we don’t feel like we are freeloading. We give my mom and dad $200 every week for groceries and we pay for the electric and the water bill. We have a separate entrance to the basement so we have complete and total privacy. There is a bathroom and a shower and we also have a small kitchenette. We’ve only managed to save about $1,000 in the last 3 months, but I picked up some extra shifts at the marijuana dispensary near me. I’ve been working at the marijuana dispensary near me for a while and recently that manager said that we could pick up overtime shifts because we are short staffed. I was the first person at the marijuana dispensary to raise my hand and ask for more hours. I think this will help my girlfriend and I save more money to get out of my parents basement faster. I can put the money in the bank and watch it earn interest. Every small dime and nickel helps.

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