The flavor of the lollipop was supposed to be grapes

A co-worker went across the West Coast for a long trip as well as brought back lots of things for people to try.

She had a great deal of treats along with snacks that were known to be popular on the west coast.

She had a couple of sour candies plus some nut treats. She had taffy from The saltwater region as well as fudge. The girl had many different stickers as well as keychains from each place in the city. My coworker brought something back for myself and others and this turned out to be a cannabis lollipop. Every one of us told the girl that she would be making everyone of us happy if there was something for us from the marijuana dispensary. The states on the west coast are easily one of the places that have legal recreational marijuana. The dispensaries all have huge selections of cannabis products. It was nice for my coworker to bring myself along with others back the Cannabis lollipop. It was supposed to taste prefer sour orange berries with 50 mg of thc. The thing was supposed to taste like grapes as well as orange berries but it was not very flavorful at all. My coworker also warned myself and others not to have the entire lollipop due to the fact that it was 50 mg. I tried to break down the lollipop with my stapler but I ate the little pieces so I could have the lollipop slowly. The pieces did not make myself and others feel like there was a great flavor but they were very high in cannabis.


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