The full-on cannabis shopping experience

The sativa just keeps me so positive, grounded and hopeful

It’s nice to have extra money. I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t. Does it seem sort of strange that I am paid so much more for a certain skill set? Well yeah, it does seem deeply strange that one woman is paid so much more than another one. So I pay it forward with charity and trying to use my money for good. But I also treat myself at the cannabis dispensary. Again, there is no shame in that from my perspective. Like I said, I do enjoyable things with my money so I also like to do some enjoyable things by myself as well. A good locale to do that is a certain cannabis dispensary which is a bit of a drive from where I live however it’s worth it. That’s not to diss my local cannabis spot at all, it’s an appealing marijuana business. But this other cannabis dispensary honestly takes care of me. They know my name when I walk in the door because I don’t mind spending my money. They consistently have some more current cannabis strains for me to try. I sort of lean toward the sativa strains. I don’t know what that is exactly, however those are the cannabis products which tend to help me the most. Of course, there is much to be said for the indica strains. And I enjoy a few of those as well. But if I’m in that mood, I usually go with a hybrid strain that is indica dominant however also has some sativa to it. The sativa just keeps me so positive, grounded and hopeful. After a morning treating myself at the cannabis dispensary, I don’t have to shop for marijuana on sale for quite a while.

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