The guy at the hotel desk wasn't going to let me in

A customer called the marijuana delivery service and placed an order. The customer called around 8:15 in the evening, but we did not have a driver available until nearly 10:00 p.m. I sent the driver to the hotel with the order. A couple of minutes after the guy left, the customer called and I assured him that my driver was on the way with the items that he ordered. 15 minutes later, the same customer called again. I honestly thought the driver would have been there by then and I was surprised to get a second phone call from the driver. I told the guy to wait a couple more minutes, because the driver was on the way with all of the orders. Next I got a phone call from the delivery driver. The guy sounded very aggravated and upset. He informed me that the desk clerk would not let him go into the hotel, because the name on the cannabis order did not match any of the names of registered guests in the building. I didn’t have any extra information to give the guy other than the number of the room that ordered the items. I had the caller ID from the person who tried to call about the order a few minutes earlier. I called that person and I told the customer that my driver was stuck in the lobby and having trouble with the hotel desk clerk. The customer agreed to walk down to the lobby to pick up the order. The desk clerk never even apologized to the driver for the misunderstanding.

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