The guy threatened to come back with friends

Every once in a while, there is a disturbance at the marijuana dispensary. It will happen from time to time, because there is marijuana and money involved. A marijuana dispensary can be a hotspot for trouble, especially if you don’t have a good security system in place. Most of the marijuana dispensaries around here have a security checkpoint inside and outside of the building. Outside of the building there is an armed security officer that asks each person for their identification card. He checks the ID before they are even allowed to come into the marijuana dispensary. Once the customer is inside, they have to present their identification card to the budtender and he or she scans the card to make sure that it is valid. New customers have to check into the system, but old customers can move right into the dispensary. Sometimes there will be a problem with an identification card that won’t scan properly. Usually we can enter the numbers on the back and it will be verified with no problem at all. If we can’t verify the number, that usually means that the ID card is a fake. Every once in a while there are kids that come in with an ID card that is fake. They are trying to buy marijuana, but we take the ID card and send them away. We rarely have an adult with a fake id, but it happened last week and the guy was really angry and belligerent. The security officer escorted the guy away from the marijuana dispensary and the angry customer said he was going to come back later with friends.


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