The harvest could be affected by the drought

We didn’t get much rain during the winter months and the lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are relatively empty.

This type of problem has happened in the past, but I’ve never been affected by the problem.

This year I bought a marijuana farm from a friend of mine. The guy has been very successful in the past, but he hasn’t given the business a lot of effort since his wife started having kids. Kids take a lot of energy and so does growing marijuana. I was really excited about this year’s Harvest until I heard about the water report. I’m not going to have as much water as I thought I would to grow and harvest the crops this year. I’m not sure what I can do to remedy the problem. This is one of the biggest problems that affect farmers every single year. It doesn’t matter if you are growing marijuana, corn, grapes, or broccoli, you have to have water to make the crops grow. If my marijuana crop will not survive this year’s drought, I know that the farmers are going to have trouble too. If the farmers have trouble, then the cost of food will go up at the grocery store. We are already paying $5 for a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. Heck, I paid seven bucks for a gallon of gas yesterday. I don’t think there is much more room to inflate the prices to make up for the drought and that is a very scary thought when global warming is clearly affecting us each day.


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