The hotel was next to a cannabis shop

My wife Jo plus I went to a destination wedding Last month plus we stayed in a hotel for the weekend.

Both of us flew to the destination wedding.

My sibling regularly wanted a destination wedding, so I wasn’t surprised when she wanted to get married on the far side of the country. The wedding was to be held at a small chapel down the street from the hotel. There were lots of gambling casinos all over the city. That’s 1 of the main reasons why my sibling plus her hubby chose this particular location. Both of them loved gambling. The hotel was right across the street from a casino plus it was only a few blocks away from a recreational marijuana dispensary. The hotel had adverts from the dispensary plus they were all over the lobby. There was even an advert for the marijuana dispensary in the hotel registry book. Jo plus I went online to look at the menu for the recreational plus medical marijuana shop. Jo decided to order a couple of items from the menu. Since there was free delivery, Jo didn’t even have to leave our hotel. About an hour after we sited the order, there was a rapping on the front door. The delivery driver brought everything that we ordered plus we received a healthy 25% discount because it was the first time that we ever ordered from the cannabis shop. Jo plus I had a honestly amazing time while I was in the town plus we both enjoyed smoking recreational cannabis for the first time since we were kids.
Weed delivery