The indica helps me sleep better at night

I’ve always had a lot of trouble sleeping. Every time the lights are off, I feel nervous and anxious. My doctor said that I am probably having many panic attacks. I can’t think of any reason why I would have a panic attack when the lights are off, but I remember feeling like this since I was very small. The panic attacks happen without any warning and they can include hot flashes, sweating, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Sometimes I even get a headache and chest pain. One thing that helps with the panic attacks is marijuana. Every night I have an indica marijuana joint and it helps me sleep better at night. The doctor prescribed medical marijuana several years ago. Since then I moved to a state with legal recreational and medical marijuana laws. Since the insurance company does not provide any relief for medical marijuana as a health prescription, I have to completely incur all of the cost on my own. States with legal recreational and medical marijuana have much cheaper prices on marijuana products. The indica marijuana flower helps me sleep much better at night. I used to lie awake in bed for hours and hours, but now I smoke some recreational marijuana about an hour before I am ready to go to bed. My eyes start to feel tired and my body feels weak and sleepy before my head even hits the sheets and the pillow. I sleep soundly and get a full night of rest thanks to the medical benefits of the cannabis sativa plant.



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