The infused flower is a whopping 44% THC

I have been entirely excited by the new products that I found at the marijuana dispensary. The products are high priced, and also products that the two of us would probably not spend a lot of cash to buy. The 8th of flower turned out to be $60. The 8th of marijuana flower was covered with cannabis concentrate and grown indoors. It was a whopping 40% thc. I have really only seen that high percentage in pre-rolls that are infused. To see this percentage in a flower product was entirely something awesome. As soon as I easily saw the extravagant top shelf product, I easily wanted to purchase it. I asked the bartender to provide me with some information about the daily discounts. She wanted to know if I was a first time patient or not. She also asked if I was a military or senior and also I was not any of those things. I qualified for no discounts on that particular day. The woman said that I could wait until Tuesday and then all of us could get the marijuana flower on sale. I didn’t recognize that the infused flower would absolutely be in stock at that time and I did not want to be the only single person in town without the opportunity to try the new marijuana product from the dispensary. I decided to pay the full prices for the product. The flavor of the marijuana product was tart and also Tangy appreciate limes and also lemons. I definitely was not feeling disappointed by the expensive marijuana product.


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