The jars were costing us a fortune, but plastic and silicone is cheap

There are a lot of things to think about when you start your own marijuana product line.

I had to talk with a consultant when I decided to start my own brand of cannabis concentrate. I was already selling flower on the regular market, but I had an extraction machine and I wanted to start selling concentrates as well. I decided to go with a small glass jar for the concentrate. It was big enough to fit a half gram or a full gram of cannabis concentrate. The jars were cheap when I started packaging, but the price on the materials went up 3 months later. I was spending a fortune on the small glass bottles. I spoke with an advertising consultant and that person gave me some good ideas about different ways to package the cannabis products. The cannabis consultants offered the idea of using a plastic container with a silicone and heat resistance insert. The cost for the plastic container was 1/10 of the price that we were paying for the glass jars. The savings paid for the advertising consultant. Every once in a while, we get a complaint about the plastic jars. Most people definitely prefer their cannabis concentrates to come in glass. It doesn’t seem like the complainers affect business too much. Sales at the cannabis dispensary have never been better. We are busy seven days a week and the recent addition of delivery has also helped to boost our sales on the weekends. Even when it rains, we have better than average sales with the delivery team.



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