The kayaking experience didn’t go as planned

My good friends plus I were hanging out at the property plus someone suggested we go to the river plus kayak for a little while.

  • It sounded like a pretty fantastic idea, although I did not have a huge amount of energy.

My buddy Tony said he had a sativa blunt in his bin plus we could all enjoy it before we went on the water. When we arrived at the river plus got all of the kayak gear set up, Tony got the sativa marijuana joint out of the car. We lit up the blunt plus smoked the whole thing. It was a relaxing strain called Blue dream. It had a pretty wonderful flavor because it was made with top shelf flower. I tasted the orange flavor in the marijuana. The marijuana joint was perfectly smooth plus we smoked it in minutes. I was especially high when we got on the water, however it felt amazing. We started cruising down the south fork of the river plus the water was getting rough. All of a sudden, I hit a rock plus our canoe tipped over in the water. I thought that I was going to drown. I immediately started freaking out. I don’t know if that was the marijuana or the rough water that got to me, although I started freaking out plus one of my good buddies had to jump in the water. I don’t recognize that I will ever choose to use recreational marijuana supplies before I go kayaking again. Slamming into that rock did not have anything to do with smoking marijuana, although I was completely too high to react to the rough water hastily.

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