The marijuana concentrate I tried wasn’t too good

I’m honestly thrilled that the marijuana dispensary near me has a no questions asked return policy! They will take any product back without asking any questions at all. They will not refund your money, however they will give you a store credit for a product that is of equal or greater value. One of my buddies bought a pack of pre-rolled marijuana joints that were supposed to taste like oranges. She smoked one of the marijuana joints and she wasn’t cheerful with the way that the joints tasted. There was no hint of orange at all and the joints were much more extravagant than any other product that my buddy had purchased. She took the other several joints and the pre-rolled pack back to the store and they provided the credit so she could get something else. I bought a marijuana concentrate from the same dispensary and I honestly did not prefer the taste in the least. I thought that the strain would taste something like lemons, because the word lemon was in the name. Instead, it was dark brown and tasted basically like burned marijuana. I took the concentrate back to the store and they provided me with a credit voucher to use in the back. They did not have any more of that brand, so they upgraded the strain with something of equal value. I picked out another sativa that was supposed to be a nice, relaxing high. The budtender told me that the sativa was one of her number ones and I took her advice. The Blue Dream marijuana concentrate strain turned out to be the best.


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