The medical cannabis dispensary always has a sale

It’s nice when I can go into some stores that are practically always running a sale of some kind.

I learned this with the clearance clothing store. If you see an item that you want one particular week and it’s not on sale, just wait another week and it’ll actually be at least 30% off its original price, but sometimes I have to be patient and wait to go on shopping trips at particular times, but maybe I have to plan out a shopping trip in advance instead of just hitting up the store on any random afternoon when I have got the time. If my friends want to go on a shopping trip with me as well, usually I will check the sale papers and call the store even if I do not know for sure if there has a sale just by looking at the website. That way I’m never paying full price when I’m buying clothing and other things from those types of stores. On top of that, I also like shopping sales at the cannabis dispensaries. There are some cannabis dispensaries that practically have a sale going on every single afternoon of the week, but granted, you cannot get every product in the store on sale every single afternoon, but if you shop strategically, you can get almost anything less than the normal price depending on the afternoon. This is particularly pressing if you’re struggling with cash like I am and do not have a lot of cash on hand if I have cannabis products; Even though it’s cannabis at the end of the afternoon, I’m a medical cannabis patient and not a recreational cannabis customer.



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